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Rotary evaporator

Technical data

50 ml ...6 l
approx. 2 l/h
< 10 hPa/h
0.1 hPa


We would be glad to develop with you customer specified solutions.


Technical features of the process controller GUARD

  • Manual vacuum control with ACCEPT function to easily select the SET value
  • Automated vacuum control
  • Emergency SHUT OFF and aeration at overpressure (alarm)
  • Temperature control of heating bath
  • Vapor temperature control
  • Pulse aerating
  • Speed control with slow accelerating mode
  • Automated speed control (patented/option)
  • Torr/hPa (mbar) selector
  • RS232-interface
  • USB-interface (option)
  • Output for vacuum pump (solid state)
  • Coolant temperature indicator (option)
  • Capacitive keyboard - chemically resistant
  • Control of foam by pulse dosing (patented/option)
  • STACONSEAL sealing monitoring device for vacuum values better than 0.1 hPa - excellent for high boiling solvents and best product qualities (patented/option)
  • Customer specified solutions (option)