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Rotationsverdampfer PILOTVAP

Rotary Evaporator

The PILOTVAP®-6 is a patented pendulum system rotary evaporator.

Technical Details of the PILOTVAP®-6


    GUARD (standard)
  • Manual or automatic vacuum control
  • Control of the aerating valve (air- or nitrogen inlet)
  • Vapor temperature control
  • Speed control with slow acceleration mode
  • Control of the water bath temperature
    GUARD SCU (option)
  • Speed control with slow acceleration mode
  • Control of the water bath temperature (option)
  • Vapor temperature control (option)

Rotating flask

  • The floating rotating flask reduces mechanical stresses, to achieve constant tightness and a powerful distillation result, even under permanent operation.
  • Hydraulic damping system for the rotating flask with drive system (patented), to increase the performance, when drying powders.
  • Surface treated glass flanges for maximal vacuum stability.

Sealing system

  • High performance sealing system
    - PTFE / glass
    - Service life approx. 20,000 hours of operation
    - Final vacuum better than 0.1 hPa (when empty)
    - 3 years warranty
  • Sealing system STACONSEAL, patented (option)
    - Final vacuum better than 0.01 hPa (when empty)
  • By means of the novel sealing system, a very good solvent recovery rate will be achieved

Protection Systems

  • Vapor temperature alarm, to automatically shut off the water bath.
  • Implosion protection hood for the rotating flask, made of transparent polycarbonate.
  • The pendulum system makes the rotating flask float in the water bath, to guarantee highest performance, easy handling and maximal reliability.


  • Excellent suitable for recovery of solvents
  • Problem-free distillation of high boiling solvents
  • Distillation of large amounts of solvent
  • Concentration of extracts
  • Drying of powders
  • Concentration of fractions coming from HPLC


All PILOTVAP®-Systems can be modified to the
fully automated rotary evaporator POWERVAP®.